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Third-Party Websites

FERC uses social media sites as information sharing tools to engage in discussion, share information and media, and collaborate with the public. Access to FERCís social media sites are available at Your activity on these social media sites is governed by the security and privacy policies of the third-party sites. FERC does not control, moderate or endorse the comments or opinions provided by visitors to these sites. You should review the privacy policies of all websites before using them and ensure that you understand how your information may be used. You should also adjust privacy settings on your account on any third-party website to match your preferences.

The Commission does not use third-party social media sites to actively solicit or collect personal information from individuals. If FERC receives your personal information through interaction with a social media site, it is required to maintain the information in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act to ensure the greatest protection of personal privacy.

If you have an account with a third-party website, and choose to follow, like, friend, or comment on a FERC page on the third-party website, certain personal information associated with your account may be made available to us based on the privacy policies of the third-party website and your own privacy settings within that website. We do not disclose Personally Identifiable Information (PII) made available through these websites, unless required for law enforcement purposes or by statute consistent with the Privacy Act.