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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Website Privacy Policy

FERC's website privacy policy informs visitors how we handle the personally identifiable information (PII) that you provide when you visit us online to browse, obtain information, or interact through a FERC Online electronic application or forms.

PII includes information that is personal in nature and which may be used to identify you. You may provide PII to us when you contact us through an e-mail inquiry or a request for information. We do not require you to provide PII to visit our website. The FERC Online web-based applications allow the public to submit electronic documents, and facilitates pending submissions to be processed by the Secretary of the Commission staff. FERC Online does not require the submission of PII (e.g., social security numbers, birthdates, and phone numbers), and FERC is not responsible for any accidental or inadvertent submissions of such PII. Data submitted to the Commission through the filling out of online forms is not stored or retrieved by the name of the individual submitting the information, or by any other identifying particular assigned to the individual such as an e-mail address. Consequently, this group of records is not considered to be a “system of records” as defined in the Privacy Act of 1974.

We collect technical information that does not include PII when you browse our website. The section Information Collected and Stored Automatically further explains how we handle and collect information.