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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Privacy Policy FERC System of Records Notice (SORN)

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FERC System of Records Notice (SORN)

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SORN Number System of Records Notice Document Citation
FERC– 6 Biographical Material on FERC Commissioners and Key Staff Members 65 FR 21743
FERC–15 Commission Labor and Employee Relations Case Files 65 FR 21743
FERC–16 Commission Death Cases File 65 FR 21744
FERC–17 Commission Disability Retirements File 65 FR 21744
FERC–18 Commission Discontinued Service Retirements File 65 FR 21745
FERC–19 Commission Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Discrimination Complaints File 65 FR 21745
FERC–20 Commission Employee Suggestions File 65 FR 21746
FERC–21 Commission Training Records 65 FR 21746
FERC–22 Commission Indebtedness Cases Files 65 FR 21747
FERC–23 Commission Leave Without Pay Requests File 65 FR 21747
FERC–2 Commission Miscellaneous Investigation File 65 FR 21748
FERC–25 Commission Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP) Claims File 65 FR 21748
FERC–27 Commission Reconsideration of Retirement Refund Decisions File 65 FR 21749
FERC–28 Commission Restoration of Annual Leave Requests File 65 FR 21750
FERC–29 Commission Unemployment Compensation File 65 FR 21750
FERC–30 Commission Within-Grade Increase (WGI) Denials and Reconsideration File 65 FR 21750
FERC–31 Commission Parking Records 65 FR 21751
FERC–32 Commission Fitness Center Records 65 FR 21751
FERC–35 Commission Security Investigations Records 65 FR 21752
FERC–36 Management, Administrative, and Payroll System (MAPS) 65 FR 21753
FERC–37 Commission Voluntary Leave Transfer Files 65 FR 21753
FERC–38 Commission Employee Performance Files 65 FR 21754
FERC–39 Commission Temporary Work-at-Home Program 65 FR 21754
FERC–40 Commission Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Request Files 65 FR 21755
FERC–41 Commission Transit Subsidy Program (TSP) Records 65 FR 21755
FERC–42 Commission Headquarters Security Access and Control Records 65 FR 21756
FERC–43 Commission Travel Records 65 FR 21756
FERC–44 Requests for Commission Publications and Information 65 FR 21757
FERC–45 Commission’s Requested Records Tracking System (RRTS) 65 FR 21757
FERC–46 Commission Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Request Files 81 FR 61682
FERC–47 Commission Office of Finance, Accounting and Operations’ Recruitment Records 65 FR 21758
FERC–48 Department of Energy (DOE) Inspector General Investigative Records Relating to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 65 FR 21759
FERC–49 Commission Telecommunications Records 65 FR 21760
FERC–50 Commission Accounting System Records 65 FR 21760
FERC–51 Commission Congressional Correspondence, State Files and Constituent Records 65 FR 21761
FERC–52 Commission Supervisor-Maintained Personnel Records 65 FR 21761
FERC–53 Information Technology System Log Records 79 FR 17529
FERC–54 Commission Employee Assistance Program Records 65 FR 21763
FERC–55 Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Records 70 FR 61612
FERC–56 MAPS Financials 74 FR 48530
FERC–57 Federal Personnel Payroll System (FPPS) 74 FR 57308
FERC–58 Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) Records 79 FR 17530
FERC–59 Enforcement Investigation Records 79 FR 17531
FERC–60 Hotline Records 79 FR 17532
FERC–61 Requests for Commission Publications and Information 79 FR 17532
FERC–62 Public Information Requests 79 FR 17534
FERC–63 Company Registration Records 79 FR 17534
FERC–64 Individual Registration Records 79 FR 17534