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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Chairman Jon Wellinghoff Statement
December 20, 2012
Docket No. AD13-2-000
Item No. A-3

2012 Assessment of Demand Response and Advanced Metering

“Thank you David and the entire Team for this briefing and for producing a very informative report.

“And I would like to thank all those who responded to this voluntary survey. As a result of their time and effort, we have a good representation of the work that has been going on around the country. It allows readers to see the significant trends in development of both advanced metering and demand response capabilities.

“I would like to ask you a couple of questions.

  • What are some of the factors driving the increase in demand response capability?

  • As part of the Demand Response Assessment in 2009, a tool was developed that allows utilities, state regulators and other interested parties to use the data for their state to analyze the effects of developing the demand response potential in their area. Is this tool still available on FERC's website and can the data from the report we are releasing today be used to update the tool with this new information on installed metering and demand response capabilities?

“Ok, well I think the news is good - customers are getting more information about their consumption of electricity and the associated prices. And they are being offered more options to act upon this information to manage their usage and costs.”