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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Statement: April 15, 2010 Print this page
Docket No. RM10-21-000

Statement of Chairman Wellinghoff's on transfer of certain hotline matters to DRS

“The action we are taking today is good for consumers and I am pleased to support it. The central mission of the Commission’s Dispute Resolution Service is to reach consensual resolution of disputed matters through the use of alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation. These avenues will afford landowners the ability to informally resolve disputes with natural gas pipeline companies, as well as certain disputes relating to hydroelectric projects, expeditiously and informally. This should save the affected landowners time and resources. It is important to note that the Commission’s DRS staff has extensive substantive expertise in environmental, natural gas pipeline certificate, hydroelectric, and liquefied natural gas facility matters and DRS already receives and addresses a number of calls from landowners affected by projects under the Commission’s jurisdiction. This will not be a new duty, but rather an extension of an existing service. I believe that DRS will provide an appropriate forum to resolve landowner disputes and support this order.“

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