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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Statement: July 17, 2008 Print this page
Docket Nos: OA08-30-000, OA08-34-000, OA08-47-000, OA08-48-000, OA08-33-000, OA08-38-000, OA08-35-000, OA08-23-000, OA08-55-000, OA08-55-001, OA08-55-002, OA08-28-000, OA08-54-000, OA08-54-001, OA08-54-002, OA08-31-000, OA08-31-001, OA08-56-000, OA08-56-001, OA08-56-002, OA08-40-000, OA08-57-000, OA08-57-001, OA08-57-002, OA08-43-000, OA08-99-000, OA08-99-001, OA08-118-000, NJ08-5-000, OA08-25-000 and OA08-26-000

Commissioner Wellinghoff's statement on open access transmission tariff planning

"First, I wish to thank the staff who worked on drafting these orders, and Dan and John for their leadership.

I commend the parties whose filings we consider today for the inclusiveness and regional coordination of their proposed transmission planning processes. Each has formed a voluntary group with other transmission providers in its region to coordinate in developing sub-regional and regional transmission plans. Each has also pledged to involve customers and other interested parties at the early stages of assessing the need to upgrade transmission service and at decision points throughout the planning process. They will provide a forum to consider, with affected parties, alternative potential solutions to meet identified needs.

These processes are consistent with my desire for planning processes that assess the needs of consumers within a region and analyze alternative ways, including supply and demand side options, to provide reliable and economic transmission service.

In today's orders, the Commission indicates that our staff will monitor implementation of the planning processes we are approving. Further, the Commission intends to convene regional technical conferences beginning in 2009 to determine the progress and benefits realized by each transmission provider's transmission planning process, obtain customer and stakeholder input, and discuss any areas that may need improvement. I look forward to these meetings, and to working with my colleagues and interested parties to achieve our shared goal of reliable, economic transmission service for consumers.

Thank you."

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