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Commissioner Moeller Statement
May 19, 2015
Docket No. ER15-1398-000 PDF

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PJMís Amended and Restated Operating Agreements

ďDayton Power and Light Company (DP&L) alleges that data from a malfunctioning or stopped meter that is discovered after PJMís 60-day reconciliation period may not be correctable because PJMís billing and settlement process requires unanimous consent from load-serving entities, which has proven almost impossible to achieve. 1 This order correctly finds that DP&Lís arguments are beyond the scope of this proceeding.

ďAs I discussed in my concurrence regarding the procedures for addressing meter data problems in New York Independent System Operator, I encourage all RTOs/ISOs to work with their stakeholders to ensure that they have transparent processes for correcting invoices and to provide market participants with sufficient time to remedy lost or invalid meter data. 2 Ē


    1 DP&L Protest at 3-4.
    2 GDF Suez Energy Resources, NA, v. New York Indep. Sys. Operator, Inc, et al., 149 FERC ∂ 61,257 (2014) (Moeller, Commír, concurring).