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Commissioner Moeller Statement
January 30, 2015
Docket No. EL15-25-000
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Joint Statement of Commissioners’ Philip D. Moeller and Tony Clark on New England Power Generators Association, Inc. v. ISO New England Inc.

“As discussed in today’s order, NEPGA has not satisfied its burden under section 206 of the Federal Power Act to demonstrate that ISO-NE’s existing tariff provisions governing the Peak Energy Rent (PER) Adjustment are unjust and unreasonable. Nonetheless, NEPGA and other parties have raised valid concerns regarding the continued application of the existing PER Adjustment in light of the increases in the Reserve Constraint Penalty Factors in ISO-NE’s energy market put in place in 2014.

“We encourage ISO-NE and its stakeholders to continue to consider potential changes to the PER Adjustment mechanism. Also, as noted in today’s order, if NEPGA or any other party is able to provide specific evidence that the interaction between the new Reserve Constraint Penalty Factors and the existing PER Adjustment mechanism has rendered unjust and unreasonable ISO-NE’s capacity rates for Capacity Commitment Periods 5 through 8, the Commission will consider any such complaints at that time.”