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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Statement: April 17, 2008 Print this page
Docket No. P-2114

Commissioner Moeller's statement on PUD No. 2 of Grant County - Priest Rapids hydro project relicense

"Being the first Commissioner from the State of Washington is significant to me as we vote on this order that relicenses a significant source of renewable power located in my home state. I would encourage a visit this great State and specifically this project--you cannot appreciate these fabulous, complex machines until you see them. But as with every other energy resource, there is a careful balance involved and I think that the Commission's order provides an appropriate balance. I am pleased that we seek to further protect our natural resources, including resident and anadromous fish, the protection of which is fundamental to the citizens of the Pacific Northwest.

A hydropower project of this size (approx. 1900 megawatts) is the second largest FERC-jurisdictional dam and is an important resource of renewable energy for the Pacific Northwest. This project is also an integral part of a seven-dam mid-Columbia River Hydroelectric system, which is the single largest coordinated hydroelectric system in the country at 13,256 megawatts.

I congratulate the Grant Public Utility District, federal and state resource agencies, tribes and others for working together and reaching settlement on very difficult issues that are now part of the license."
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