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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Statement: March 20, 2008 Print this page
Docket No. P-12751-000

Commissioner Moeller's statement on Finavera Renewables Ocean Energy, Ltd.

"I called this item for discussion because I think it is important to acknowledge the various Washington State and Federal agencies' prompt action here that has helped us move forward in a timely fashion in encouraging a new technology that can be the source of a potentially large renewable and carbon-free energy source.

No one can ignore the carbon policy debate and its effect on the choice of future (and current) fuel sources needed to satisfy the Nation's energy needs. Working cooperatively with states to anticipate which resources to develop and then acting together to jump start our efforts in supporting new sources of renewable and emission-free energy sources is very important to me. A state like Washington has much to gain in the development of hydrokinetic technologies. These resources, among others, can help meeting ambitious Renewable Portfolio Standards, can serve as a valuable export to other states desiring renewable energy, and can be a source of economic development for the state's coastal communities. Of course, the development of these new technologies will be done in a manner that balances various factors, not in the least the environmental impacts.

Our productive discussions with Oregon give me hope that we can achieve a better working relationship with my home state of Washington."
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