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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Statement: December 21, 2006 Print this page
Docket No: ER06-615-002

Commissioner Moeller's statement on California MRTU Seams Technical Conference - December 14-15, 2006

“The Commission and its staff made a significant effort last week to travel to Phoenix, Arizona to conduct the seams technical conference that we announced in our Market Redesign and Technology Update (MRTU) order issued on September 21, 2006. I appreciated the Arizona Corporation Commissioners’ presence at the technical conference and their graciousness during our visit to Phoenix. I thought the technical conference was an excellent use of our time. The dialogue among all the conference participants was good. I think we have some accountability from parties that proposed to work together to resolve the seams issues, which were not created by the MRTU order, but still need to be addressed. As my colleagues mentioned, I think it is necessary to note that no parties claimed that there were operational issues that needed to be addressed prior to the start up of MRTU. I look forward to receiving progress reports from the California Independent System Operator Corporation and other interested entities as well as Western Electricity Coordinating Council on their efforts in addressing the seams issues debated at the technical conference. I, and my fellow Commissioners, indicated a willingness to involve the Commission and its staff in helping address matters if the discussion among the interested entities begins to stall or stagnate.”

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