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Commissioner Cheryl A. LaFleur Statement
September 17, 2015
Docket No. RM15-23-000
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Statement of Commissioner Cheryl A. LaFleur on FERC Collection of Organized Market Participant Data

“Today’s order proposes to amend the Commission’s regulations by establishing a newly defined term, “Connected Entity,” and to require the collection of information regarding Connected Entities, to allow the Commission to better monitor complex business relationships that could be utilized to engage in manipulative conduct in our jurisdictional markets. I support this proposal because it is important that the Commission, in accordance with our statutory mandate, have the tools to protect customers from manipulative behavior, and the collection of this information would assist the Commission with that effort.

“However, the Commission should always consider carefully whether the benefits offered by new compliance obligations outweigh the burdens that will be faced by market participants. I believe that the requirements in the Noticed of Proposed Rulemaking would create a significant new reporting regime for all market participants, as well as the RTOs and ISOs. I therefore encourage market participants to submit comments on today’s proposed rulemaking that address the benefits of this proposed regulation, as well as the incremental costs or burdens that would be created by this new reporting requirement. I will carefully consider these issues as I decide whether to support the final rule.

“Accordingly, I respectfully concur.”