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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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December 18, 2008 Print this page
Docket Nos: EL02-28-006, EL02-33-007, EL02-38-006; EL-02-29-006, EL02-30-006, EL02-31-006, EL02-32-006, EL02-34-006, EL02-39-006; EL02-43-006; EL02-56-006

Commissioner Kelly's statement on Morgan Stanley Remand Order

"I appreciate the team's efforts on this important order on remand from the Supreme Court. This case has a long and contentious history with parties having waited multiple years for it to work its way through the courts. Today, this matter is back before us and the Commission acts both promptly and judiciously to follow the Supreme Court's opinion. I think it is important that, while the Commission is setting a paper hearing on the issues which the Court instructed us to "amplify and clarify," we are holding that paper hearing in abeyance in order to give parties the time necessary to settle their disputes. Given the contentious nature of this proceeding, I take heart in the fact that numerous parties have requested settlement procedures. I look forward to the results of those settlement discussions.

Thank you."
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