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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Commissioner Bernard L. McNamee Statement
April 18, 2019
Docket Nos. CP17-117-000, CP17-118-000 and CP17-20-000, CP17-21-000, CP17-21-001, CP18-7-000
Decisions C-2 PDF and C-3 PDF
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Statement Regarding FERCís Approval of the Driftwood and Port Arthur LNG Export Facilities

Todayís approval by the Commission of the Driftwood and Port Arthur LNG export facilities is good news for American workers and the American economy, as well as our friends and allies throughout the world.

With these two projects, along with Februaryís approval of the Calcasieu Pass LNG export facility, FERC is doing its job to make sure that energy infrastructure is developed in a responsible manner. After two years in which no new LNG project was approved, the Commission has now approved in two months three LNG export projects with a total estimated export capacity of 7.3 Bcf per day.

Though the projects were approved on the merits of their applications and the record, the impact of these approvals for the American worker, our economy, and U.S. policy makers is apparent.

The approval of these two LNG export facilities will unleash tens of billions of dollars in direct investment, create thousands of construction jobs, and provide hundreds full-time jobs. The projects will contribute to economic growth and ensure that the American Energy Renaissance will continue by providing access to new markets for American produced natural gas.

As addressed in the Orders and the final environmental impact statements, the Commission took a hard look at all of the potential environmental impacts from the project, including greenhouse gases. Some may wish that our analysis was done in a different manner, but disagreeing about how to consider those potential impacts does not mean that the Commission failed to give them thoughtful consideration.

Importantly, the Commission has demonstrated it can come together and approve energy infrastructure projects in accordance with the law and in an environmentally responsible manner. These approvals demonstrate that when we work together, pay attention to the law and the facts, and listen to each other, we can find common ground. I thank the efforts of Chairman Chatterjee and Commissioner LaFleur in finding this common ground that resulted in these approvals.

It is also important to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the Commission staff in the process of approving these projects. It is because of their foundational work that we are able to do our jobs.

Finally, as a Commissioner, I will continue to review each project based on the law and the record that comes before me.

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