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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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News Release: October 16, 2014
Docket Nos. ER13-366-001, ER13-366-002, ER13-366-03, ER13-367-001, ER13-75-002, ER13-75-004, ER13-100-001
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FERC Addresses Southwest Power Pool Order No. 1000 Compliance

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) today accepted in part SPPís proposed OATT revisions filed in response to the Commissionís July 18, 2013 order addressing SPPís compliance with Order No. 1000, and clarified certain additional compliance obligations that SPP must address in the future. This order also granted in part, and denied in part, requests for rehearing of the July 18, 2013 order. In particular, the Commission addressed whether federal rights of first refusal should apply to the development of certain categories of transmission projects in the region.

Todayís order affirmed the Commissionís earlier finding that elimination of federal rights of first refusal for Highway and Byway facilities is necessary to comply with Order No. 1000. The Commission granted rehearing to allow SPP to recognize state and local laws and regulations during early stages of the competitive solicitation process. The Commission determined that it was not appropriate to prohibit SPP from considering state and local laws and regulations as a threshold matter.

Todayís order also granted rehearing to find that SPPís Aggregate Study process is not part of SPPís Order No. 1000 regional transmission planning process. The Commission determined that the Aggregate Study process is a mechanism for evaluating a discrete group of individual transmission service requests, rather than addressing broader regional needs.

Addressing SPPís second compliance filing, the Commission said that SPPís filing, and this order, represent another step toward meeting Order No. 1000 requirements. The order directed SPP to submit an additional compliance filing to address the additional compliance obligations set forth in this order within 60 days.