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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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News Release: June 19, 2014
Docket Nos. CP13-25-000 and CP13-27-000; CP13-516-000
Item No. C-1

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FERC Approves Cameron LNG Export Project

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) today authorized Cameron LNG, LLC to site, construct, and operate facilities to liquefy and export domestically produced natural gas from its existing liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal in Cameron Parish, La. FERC also authorized Cameron Interstate Pipeline, LLC to construct and operate pipeline and compression facilities in Cameron, Calcasieu, and Beauregard Parishes to supply the Cameron LNG facility with domestically-produced gas.

This marks the second time FERC has approved an LNG export project. The project is owned by Sempra Energy Corp.

Cameron LNG proposes to liquefy and export up to approximately 14.95 million metric tons of gas per annum (MTPA) with a maximum operating capacity equivalent to pipeline receipts of up to 2.33 billion cubic feet of gas per day. Once placed into service, Cameron LNG’s terminal will be capable of liquefying domestically produced natural gas for export, importing LNG and regasifying it for delivery to domestic markets, and importing foreign-sourced LNG for subsequent export. Although the company would have the capability to liquefy domestic gas for export and regasify imported gas for domestic use, it does not plan to do both at the same time.

Cameron LNG proposes to construct and operate three liquefaction trains, each with a capacity of 4.99 MTPA; an additional 160,000 cubic meter LNG storage tank (the fourth storage tank at Cameron LNG’s terminal); facilities to store refrigerants and condensate products and an associated truck loading/unloading area; a construction dock; and miscellaneous facilities and other minor modifications to existing facilities. Cameron LNG proposes to phase in the construction and service of the three LNG trains; the first would be placed in service in 2017, the other two in 2018.

The Commission adopted FERC environmental staff’s recommendations and ordered the companies to adhere to more than 75 conditions that would mitigate any potential adverse environmental impacts.

The U.S. Department of Energy has conditionally approved Cameron LNG’s export of gas to both Free Trade Agreement and non-Free Trade Agreement countries.

FERC approved its first LNG export proposal, the Sabine Pass Liquefaction Project, in April 2012. It is under construction. Sabine Pass LNG’s proposal to expand that facility is pending before the Commission (CP13-552-000), along with 12 other LNG export proposals.

In a separate order, FERC conditionally approved EcoEléctrica L.P.’s proposal to amend its previous Natural Gas Act section 3 authorization to import gas (Docket No. CP13-516-000). EcoEléctrica proposes to build and operate the LNG Supply Pipeline Project at its existing LNG terminal and cogeneration facility site in Peñuelas, Puerto Rico. The project will enable EcoEléctrica to supply LNG to a proposed non-jurisdictional LNG truck loading facility to be developed by Gas Natural Puerto Rico, Inc., which in turn will be used to supply LNG to large industrial end-users.