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News Release: November 19, 2009 Print this page
Docket No: ER09-636-000

FERC accepts system exit plan for Entergy's Arkansas, Mississippi companies

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) today accepted the requests by Entergy Arkansas, Inc. and Entergy Mississippi, Inc. to leave the Entergy System Agreement.

FERC ruled in favor of accepting the companies' notices of cancellation allowing them to withdraw from the Entergy System Agreement, as:

  • The multi-state System Agreement, established in 1982, provides for member companies to depart provided they give all Entergy system members 96 months written notice of their plans.
  • Entergy Arkansas submitted its notification in December 2005 for a withdrawal to take effect in December 2013.
  • Entergy Mississippi submitted its notification in November 2007 for a withdrawal to take effect in November 2015.
  • By notifying the member companies at least 96 months in advance, Entergy Arkansas and Entergy Mississippi have given sufficient notice of their plans under the System Agreement.

FERC also ruled that neither Entergy Arkansas nor Entergy Mississippi must pay a fee or otherwise compensate other remaining operating companies prior to withdrawing from the System Agreement, nor do they have any continuing obligations to the remaining operating companies once they withdraw from the System Agreement.

The Commission directed all Entergy operating companies to make successor arrangements as soon as possible, and reminded all parties that any future arrangements must be just and reasonable and must comply with North American Electric Reliability Corporation's reliability standards.

The Entergy Operating Companies are: Entergy Arkansas, Inc.; Entergy Mississippi, Inc.; Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, LLC; Entergy Louisiana, LLC; Entergy Texas, Inc.; and Entergy New Orleans, Inc.



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