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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Media News Releases Archives January–March 2007

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News Release: January 18, 2007 Print this page

Commission unveils new Market Oversight webpage

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission today announced an addition to its website that will allow greater accessibility to centralized information on jurisdictional and related electric and natural gas markets.

The site will serve as a repository for Commission analytic work as well as regular updates of market data. The site should allow stakeholders, regulators and the public to get better access to Commission staff's market observations through the website.

Commission Chairman Joseph T. Kelliher noted that: "This addition to the Commission's website is another step to increasing the understanding of the markets we regulate as well as our efforts to prevent market manipulation. Key information about the electric and natural gas markets will be available to all stakeholders, regulators and the public by allowing improved access to market data and analysis."

The new webpage site will:

  • Collect and organize presented staff analytic work, such as the upcoming 2006 State of the Markets Report.
  • Present regional information on electric and gas markets, including supply, demand, capacity and price information.
  • Update monthly more than 50 graphs on market indices such as electric and gas prices, generated and delivered electric power and gas pipeline and storage volumes.

In addition, the web page will contain briefs and other specialized reports relevant to market activity. An RSS feed will be available for those interested in market oversight updates of the new webpage.

The website may be found at



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