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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Media News Releases Archives October–December 2006

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News Release: December 19, 2006 Print this page

Commission convenes series of public conferences to examine state of the competitive markets

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Joseph T. Kelliher today announced that the Commission will convene a series of public conferences to evaluate the state of competition in wholesale power markets. These conferences will be held periodically throughout the coming year, with the first to be scheduled for the month of February in Washington, D.C., on a date to be announced separately.

"Competition has been the cornerstone of national electric policy for 29 years. But today there is significant debate and concern about the costs and benefits of wholesale power markets. The Commission has a duty to ensure wholesale markets are just and reasonable and not unduly discriminatory, and these public conferences will help us discharge this important responsibility," Chairman Kelliher said.

The conferences will explore a range of issues, including federal-state cooperation, the need for new infrastructure, demand response and renewable energy, the availability of long-term contracts and market design issues affecting wholesale markets. The Commission will address the challenges faced by all wholesale markets, including organized markets and bilateral contract markets.

"We have several different types of wholesale power markets in place today in the United States. And each market structure faces certain challenges as we look to the future. The Commission is committed to strengthening markets in all regions. These conferences will provide a forum for affected stakeholders - including state regulators, consumers, generation suppliers and transmission providers - to discuss the critical issues and identify potential solutions," Chairman Kelliher stated.



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