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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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News Releases: October–December 2005
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    December 28, 2005
      Report to Congress on the California Electricity Crisis and Timeline for Distribution of Refunds News Release | Report PDF

    December 23, 2005
      Commission finalizes new merger and acquisition rules pursuant to the Energy Policy Act of 2005 News Release | Order No. 669 PDF

    December 22, 2005
      Commission accepts $512 million settlement with Reliant Energy resolving claims relating to Western Energy Crisis News Release | Decision PDF

    December 21, 2005

    December 19, 2005
    December 15, 2005
      Duke Energy's and MidAmerican's independent transmission plans accepted News Release

    December 15, 2005
    December 15, 2005
      New rules to expand natural gas storage capacity proposed per new energy law News Release

    December 15, 2005
    December 15, 2005
      Exelon Generation Co. allowed to make affiliate sales pursuant to Illinois Auction Proposal News Release

    December 15, 2005
      Proposed rule sets standard of review for energy contract modifications News Release

    December 14, 2005
      New fish-friendly turbines approved at Priest Rapids Dam will boost power production News Release | Order PDF

    December 9, 2005
      Commission sets open meeting schedule for remainder of 2006 News Release

    December 8, 2005
    November 17, 2005
      Rules temporarily waived to restore service and bring more natural gas to Gulf area News Release

    November 17, 2005
      New "No Action" letter process provides staff advice on situations that may trigger enforcement actions News Release

    November 17, 2005
      Comments sought on whether to revise or repeal market behavior rules News Release

    November 17, 2005
    November 17, 2005
    November 16, 2005
      Chairman appoints John P. Dring, Jr. as new Administrative Law Judge News Release

    November 15, 2005
    November 8, 2005
      Susan Court named head of the Office of Market Oversight and Investigations News Release

    November 3, 2005
    October 21, 2005
      Settlement discussions on LICAP alternatives designed to solve New England's electric reliability problem News Release | Order PDF

    October 20, 2005
      Section 206 proceedings terminated after rebuttal of market power allegations News Release

    October 20, 2005
      Rules on market manipulation proposed, policies on civil penalties and enforcement outlined News Release

    October 20, 2005
      Judge's initial decision on monetary adjustments on Trans Alaska Pipeline System largely accepted News Release

    October 19, 2005

    October 12, 2005
      FERC and CFTC agree to coordinate information requests to markets and treatment of proprietary trading information News Release | MOU PDF

    October 11, 2005
    October 11, 2005
      New cogeneration facilities criteria would eliminate QF ownership restrictions News Release | NOPR PDF

    October 7, 2005
      Final rule mandating pre-filing process on all LNG terminal proposals meets new energy law deadline (Docket No. RM05-31-000) News Release | Final Rule PDF

    October 3, 2005
      Proposed rules on Merger Policy would implement new energy law News Release | NOPR PDF