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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Media News Releases Archives April-June 2005

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News Release: May 13, 2005 Print this page
Docket Numbers: AD05-3-000

Regional planning, coal-fired resources explored at FERC conference in West Virginia

"Increasing transmission infrastructure and maintaining a reliable transmission system are critical parts of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's strategic plan," FERC Chairman Pat Wood, III said today at a conference in Charleston, West Virginia. "These actions, along with efforts to develop domestic energy supplies, will help make sure that the most economical supplies of electricity reach America's customers," he said.

"The Commission has held a series of conferences to explore what actions it can take to increase electric power production from intermittent sources and potential solutions to investment in the nation's transmission infrastructure. The goal of today's technical conference is to explore possible changes that would better accommodate, in particular, the increased participation of coal-fired energy in wholesale markets," the Chairman added.

Chairman Wood joined Commissioner Nora Mead Brownell and West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin, III at the one-day conference designed to identify regional solutions in promoting regional transmission planning, expansion and enhancement. Also discussed was fuel diversity including increased integration of coal-fired resources to the transmission grid.

Representatives from state commissions, government and industry presented information on clean coal initiatives, the current state of coal generation and its potential contribution to solving future electric needs. In addition, discussions on initiatives for regional transmission planning were explored.



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