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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Media News Releases Archives July-September 2004

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Alison Silverstein, Senior Advisor To Chairman Wood, Receives Exemplar Of Service Award

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Pat Wood, III today presented an Exemplar of Public Service award to senior adviser Alison Silverstein, who is leaving the Commission after three years of service:

"I want to wholeheartedly congratulate Alison for leaving a wide-ranging legacy of accomplishments after three years with the Commission, and wish her much continued success in her new private-sector endeavors," Chairman Wood said.

"From her stand-out role in the groundbreaking bi-national task force report on the August 14 blackout, to cyber-security standards, power grid architecture and renewable energy and appliance standards, Alison leaves an indelible mark on our nation's electric power industry," Chairman Wood said.

Ms. Silverstein joined the Commission in July 2001, and served as senior adviser to Chairman Wood on various legal, economic, strategic and administrative issues spanning the agency's electric, hydropower and pipeline responsibilities. She served as the Commission's lead on infrastructure security, cyber-security and power grid reliability. She served as a co-chair of the Electric Systems Investigation for the U.S.-Canada Joint Outage Investigation Task Force. From June 1995 until July 2001, she served in a similar capacity at the Public Utility Commission of Texas, advising Chairman Wood, in his previous capacity as chairman of the Texas commission, on both electricity and telecommunications policy matters. Before becoming a regulator, Ms. Silverstein worked in various capacities for Pacific Gas & Electric Co., ICF Inc., the Environmental Law Institute, and the U.S. Department of the Interior. She has a BA in economics from the Johns Hopkins University, an MSE in Systems Analysis from Johns Hopkins and an MBA from Stanford University.


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