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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Media News Releases Archives July-September 2004

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News Release: July 7, 2004 Print this page

Chairman Announces Susan Court as New Chief of Staff

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Pat Wood, III today announced

Susan Court as the Commission's Chief of Staff. Since March 2001, Ms. Court has served as Associate General Counsel for General and Administrative Law and as the Designated Agency Ethics Official (DAEO). She will continue to perform those functions until the end of July.

Previously, Ms. Court served as Deputy Solicitor, Associate General Counsel for Gas and Oil, assistant to a commissioner, and executive assistant to an acting chairman. She started her career at the Commission in the Office of General Counsel's rulemaking section in 1982.

Among her accomplishments during her 22 years at the Commission, Ms. Court was in charge of the legal staff responsible for implementing Order No. 436 and drafting Order No 636 - the landmark rules intended to introduce greater competition in U.S. natural gas markets. She also led the team that successfully defended Order No. 636 in the federal courts.

"I have known Susan since I worked here in the early 1990's," said Chairman Wood. "I have long admired her dedication to FERC, not only to the agency in the abstract, but to the people who work here and to the people for whom we work."

In her current position as head of General and Administrative Law and as the Designated Agency Ethics Official (DAEO), Susan implemented the Chairman's ethics program. "Susan and her administrative law team have handled many of the important but uncelebrated tasks, such as Critical Energy Infrastructure Information, Freedom of Information Act request, personnel issues and agency contracting projects," Chairman Wood said.



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