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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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News Releases: July–September 2004
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    September 27, 2004
      Commission approves expansion project, increasing natural gas capacity in West News Release

    September 17, 2004
    September 15, 2004
      Commission seeks comment on RTO/ISO financial reporting, oversight and cost recovery practices News Release

    September 15, 2004
      Commission addresses "grandfathered" Midwest agreements; efforts will allow the Midwest ISO to move forward as scheduled News Release

    September 8, 2004
    August 30, 2004
      Commission concludes investigation of 2003 natural gas price increase, finds no evidence of price manipulation News Release

    August 26, 2004
      Commission consolidates its auditing functions within Office of Market Oversight and Investigations News Release

    August 19, 2004
    August 16, 2004
    August 13, 2004
    August 6, 2004
      Commission approves plan for Midwest ISO Energy Markets, adds protections to ease transition in 2005 News Release | Order PDF

    August 2, 2004

    July 28, 2004
      Commission approves Midwest utility merger, clarifies standards for affiliate transactions News Release

    July 28, 2004
      Commission relicenses five hydroelectric projects on the Snake River in Idaho, balances environment and power needs News Release

    July 28, 2004
      Alison Silverstein, senior advisor to Chairman Wood, receives exemplar of service award News Release

    July 23, 2004
      Generation increase approved for western hydro project, enhanced fish passage News Release | Order PDF

    July 22, 2004
      Commission orders forfeiture of Enron's unjust profits; Enron-Nevada contracts set for hearing News Release

    July 8, 2004
      Commission retains screens adopted In April, clarifies Interim Generation Market Power Policy News Release

    July 7, 2004
      Commission proposes to require electronic filing of tariffs News Release

    July 7, 2004
      Chairman announces Susan Court as new chief of staff News Release