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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Media News Releases Archives April-June 2004

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News Release: June 17, 2004 Print this page

Commission Directs Staff to Review Enron Materials, Recommend Procedural Steps in Pending Enron Proceedings

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission today directed staff to expeditiously review recently submitted materials regarding Enron's behavior during the 2000-2001 energy crisis, as well as all Enron proceedings currently pending before the Commission. The Commission directed the staff to make recommendations as to what additional procedural steps, if any, the Commission should take with respect to the pending proceedings in light of the recently filed material.

"As our 2002-2003 staff investigation showed, the corporate culture at Enron 'fostered a disregard for the American energy customer,'" said FERC Chairman Pat Wood, III. "These taped conversations indicate that this corrosive attitude seeped down from the corporate offices to the employees at the front line."

The material was filed with the Commission in the Enron gaming proceeding (EL03-180). The pending staff review will determine whether the material should also apply in other proceedings stemming from Enron's activities during the Western energy crisis. Other proceedings involving Enron include the overall refund proceeding (EL00-95), the Enron-El Paso Electric Co. proceeding (EL02-113), the Enron-Portland General Electric Co. proceeding (EL02-114), and an ongoing investigation into the bidding practices of Enron and other participants in the California spot markets.


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