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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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News Releases: January–March 2004
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    March 24, 2004
      Commission approves New England RTO, with certain provisos, orders hearing on rate of return issues News Release

    March 24, 2004
      Commission asserts exclusive jurisdiction for Liquefied Natural Gas facilities News Release

    March 3, 2004
      Commission reaffirms interconnection rule, clarifies pricing policy News Release

    February 11, 2004
      FERC Chairman applauds NERC effort to shore up reliability; FERC to provide vigilant oversight to assure effectiveness News Release

    February 11, 2004
      Commission, Coast Guard, DOT sign interagency agreement to coordinate review of LNG terminal safety News Release

    February 11, 2004
      Commission proposes standards for assessing shipper creditworthiness for open access service News Release

    February 11, 2004
      New financial reporting requirements adopted, greater transparency to result News Release

    February 10, 2004
      Commission approves Southwest Power Pool RTO with conditions; move will help strengthen regional reliability News Release | Order PDF

    January 22, 2004
      Commission encourages new construction in giving market-based rates to Texas gas storage facility News Release