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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Media News Releases Archives October-December 2003

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News Release: November 5, 2003 Print this page


Pat Wood, III, Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, has announced a schedule for the Commission's public meetings for 2004.

The meeting dates are as follows:

    January 22 (a Thursday and a change from previously announced January 14 date)
    February 11
    March 3
    March 24
    April 14
    May 5
    May 26
    June 17 (Thursday)
    July 8 (Thursday)
    July 28
    September 15
    October 6
    October 27
    November 18 (Thursday)
    December 15

The meetings, held at the Commission's Washington headquarters, are open to the public consistent with the Sunshine Act.


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