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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Media News Releases Archives October-December 2003

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News Release: October 22, 2003 Print this page
Docket Numbers: CP03-301-000, CP03-302-000, CP03-303-000, CP03-304-000


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission today made a preliminary determination in favor of a 380-mile interstate natural gas pipeline running from northern Colorado to southwestern Kansas.

The proposed pipeline project will provide needed transportation of Rocky Mountain gas supplies to interconnections with existing, underutilized interstate and intrastate gas pipelines serving mid-continent gas markets, the Commission said. It also noted that the proposed system is easily expandable to meet future demand.

Final approval depends on a favorable environmental review, which is not yet complete. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement was issued September 30 and is currently in the public comment process, which closes November 24.

Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Company seeks to build the pipeline from the Cheyenne Hub, a confluence of pipelines in northern Colorado near Cheyenne, Wyoming, to a terminus near Greensburg, Kansas, where it will interconnect with several existing pipelines. Concurrently, Colorado Interstate Gas Company (CIG) plans to build compression facilities to allow delivery of gas from CIG’s system to Cheyenne Plains’ proposed system and lateral lines to deliver gas from the proposed system to other pipelines. CIG’s request was also approved pending environmental review.

Should the environmental review be favorable, the companies will be required to complete construction within two years and meet certain tariff provisions.

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