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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Media Headlines Archives April-June 2005

FERC syndicates web content, will work with energy organizations to facilitate information sharing

On May 3, 2005, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission implemented Really Simple Syndication (RSS) on its website. In doing so, the Commission joined the ranks of a growing number of federal agencies taking advantage of RSS technology to reach more users and to quickly distribute important content. RSS is commonly used on blogs and many news organization websites.

Over 97 percent of those surveyed on the Commission’s website indicated that they wanted RSS implemented. The Commission’s staff will assist its customers on how to use RSS. Learn more about RSS and its benefits.

The Commission is syndicating only the content of the website that falls under "What's New at FERC", which includes the most important news, decisions and events. Depending on the success of the initial news feed, the Commission may establish news feeds for electric, natural gas, LNG and other items.

The Commission will also be working with the Department of Energy, NERC, RTOs, ISOs and State and international energy organizations to encourage the use of RSS news feeds. RSS may be a more efficient tool to help regulators, energy companies, financial analysts, the press and others aggregate information and share it with a wider audience. Rather than searching dozens of energy websites for relevant information several times each day, RSS enables users to automatically aggregate all relevant content from numerous websites on their own computer desktops.

RSS is not the same thing as the Commission’s eSubscription application. The Commission’s RSS feed will only provide users with the most important content of the FERC website that falls under "What's New at FERC." eSubscription is ideal for tracking all correspondence for specific dockets and projects pending at FERC. eSubscription does require that users electronically register with a valid email while RSS does not.