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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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    May 25, 2017
      Mr. Neil Chatterjee and Mr. Robert F. Powelson testimony before the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources on becoming members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Event Details | Testimony: Mr. Chatterjee PDF | Mr. Powelson PDF

    May 24, 2017
    May 23, 2017
    May 11, 2017
      FERC Staff to Convene a Technical Conference on Developments in Natural Gas Index Liquidity and Transparency on June 29, 2017 Notice PDF | Event Details

    May 9, 2017
      President Donald J. Trump announces his intention to nominate Neil Chatterjee and Robert F. Powelson to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Read More External Link

    May 4, 2017
      Testimony of Acting Chairman Cheryl A. LaFleur before the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources on the Threat Posed by Electromagnetic Pulse Testimony PDF | Event Details

    May 3, 2017
      Testimony of OEP Director Terry Turpin and Deputy Associate General Counsel John Katz before the House Energy & Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Energy Legislation Addressing Pipeline and Hydropower Infrastructure Modernization Event Details | Testimony: Terry Turpin PDF | John Katz PDF

    May 2, 2017
    April 28, 2017
      Statement by Commissioner Colette Honorable Read More

    April 27, 2017
      FERC Open Access Podcast: Major FERC Orders: Part II, Order No. 888 Podcast External Link

    April 17, 2017
    April 14, 2017
      FERC issues Labelling Guidance for Documents filed with Commission Notice PDF

    April 13, 2017
      FERC Issues Supplemental Notice and Agenda for the Technical Conference on Wholesale Energy and Capacity Markets on May 1–2, 2017 Notice PDF

    April 13, 2017
      FERC Staff Issues the 2016 State of the Markets Report PDF

    April 7, 2017
      FERC Staff Issues Final Environmental Impact Statement for the PennEast Pipeline Project (CP15-558-000) Read More