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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Electric Power Markets: New England (ISO-NE)

New England (ISO-NE) Electric Regions
New England (ISO-NE) Electric Regions   
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As the RTO for New England, ISO-NE is responsible for operating wholesale power markets that trade electricity, capacity, transmission congestion contracts and related products, in addition to administering auctions for the sale of capacity. ISO-NE operates New England’s high-voltage transmission network and performs long-term planning for the New England system. ISO-NE serves six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. New England’s all-time peak load was 28 GW in summer 2006. ISO-NE is interconnected with the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), TransEnergie (Québec) and the New Brunswick System Operator. ISO-NE imports around 17 percent of its annual energy needs from Québec, NYISO, and New Brunswick. In ISO-NE’s annual Forward Capacity Auction (FCA), both generator and demand resources offer capacity three years in advance of the period for which capacity will be supplied. The three-year lead time is intended to encourage participation by new resources and allow the market to adapt to resources leaving the market. ISO-NE relies primarily on natural gas-fired and nuclear generation, accounting for 49% and 31% of the systems supply in 2016, respectively.