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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

National Assessment for Demand Response
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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission developed the following guidelines for peer review of the National Assessment for Demand Response PDF.

Section 529 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 amended the National Energy Conservation Policy Act to add a new section 571 entitled "National Action Plan for Demand Response." Subsection 571(a) required the Commission to conduct a National Assessment of Demand Response to be submitted to Congress within 18 months. The core of this Assessment as specified in section 571(a)(1) was an "Estimation of nationwide demand response potential in 5 and 10 year horizons, including data on a State-by-State basis, and a methodology for updates of such estimates on an annual basis."

To accomplish this requirement, Commission staff conducted a competitive bidding process and selected a team headed by the Brattle Group as prime contractor, and Global Energy Partners and Freeman, Sullivan & Co., as subcontractors (collectively, "the Brattle team.") To ensure a high level of quality for the Assessment, Commission staff decided to implement two levels of outside review. First, Charles Goldman from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a recognized national expert on the subject of demand response, was engaged as a technical reviewer. Second, to solicit reactions and input from diverse viewpoints in the electric power community, Commission staff recruited senior regulators and executives, listed below, from several sources to act as voluntary, unpaid peer reviewers to provide feedback to Commission staff. This feedback was considered by Commission staff, and passed on to the Brattle team along with additional Commission staff comments. The identity of the peer reviewers was not disclosed to the Brattle team prior to publication of the Assessment in June 2009.

Commission staff determined that the peer reviewers should be focused on two key elements in the development of the Assessment as follows:

  1. The Brattle team's assessment of studies on demand response potential as presented in the following two draft Brattle documents:
    1. "Summary of Existing Studies on Demand Response Potential: Approaches and Results;" and
    2. "Highlighting Ongoing Studies of Demand Response in North America
  1. The Brattle team's presentation of their proposed methodology and analytic models that would be used to produce the required estimations of demand response potential on a national and State-by-State basis.

The initial group of peer reviewers received and commented on item #1 during September 2008. The group was composed of:

  • Commissioner Paul Centolella, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio;
  • Commissioner Anne George, Department of Public Utility Control, Connecticut;
  • Andrew Ott, Vice President, Markets, PJM Interconnection, L.L.C.;
  • Mark Lauby, Manager, Reliability Assessments, North American Electric Reliability Corporation; and
  • Lawrence Oliva, Director, Tariff Programs and Services, Southern California Edison

Ann George left the Connecticut Commission before the second package was sent and asked to be dropped as a peer reviewer. She was replaced by the following individual:

  • Lisa Wood, Executive Director, Institute for Energy Efficiency

Item #2 was reviewed by this group during November and December, 2008.

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