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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Legal Resources Major Orders & Regulations Order Nos: 2003, 2003-A, 2003-B, 2003-C

Standard Interconnection
Agreements & Procedures for Large Generators
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The Commission has issued rules governing standard procedures and a standard agreement for the interconnection of generators larger than 20 megawatts - actions designed to facilitate development of needed infrastructure for the nation's electric system.

The rule covering the larger generators will:

  • Reduce interconnection time and cost;
  • Help preserve reliability;
  • Increase energy supply; and
  • Lower wholesale prices for the nation's customers by increasing the number and variety of independent generators that can compete in the wholesale electricity markets.

The rule requires public utilities that offer transmission services also to offer nondiscriminatory, standardized interconnection service. It amends Order No. 888's pro forma tariff to help remedy remaining undue discrimination under the open access required by Order No. 888.

Order No. 2003-C, issued June 16, 2005 Order on Rehearing PDF

Order No. 2003-B, issued December 20, 2004 Order on Rehearing PDF

Order No. 2003-A, issued March 5, 2004 Order on Rehearing PDF | Appendix B PDF |Appendix 6 PDF

Order No. 2003, issued July 24, 2003 Final Rule PDF | Appendix A PDF | Appendix B PDF | Appendix C PDF