Note: The docket number is a link to an image or PDF of the complaint located in the Commission's eLibrary system.

Filing Date Docket Number Filed By Against Public?*
04/09/2021 EL21-66-000 Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation, et al. New York Independent System Operator, Inc.  Public
03/24/2021 EL21-61-000 George Berka Andrew M. Cuomo, et al. Public
03/02/2021 EL21-56-000 Louisiana Public Service Commission, Arkansas Public Service Commission, Council of the City of New Orleans, Louisiana  System Energy Resources, Inc., Entergy Services, LLC, Entergy Operations, Inc and Entergy Corporation. Public
03/02/2021 OR21-5-000 Equinor Marketing & Trading (US) Inc. Mustang Pipe Line LLC Public
03/01/2021 EL21-54-000 Michael Mabee   Public
02/26/2021 EL21-53-000 Wheat Belt Public Power District, et al. Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. Public
02/10/2021 EL21-47-000 Green Development, LLC New England Power Company and Narragansett Electric Company Public
12/11/2020 EL21-26-000 New England Power Generators Association, Inc. ISO New England Inc. Public
11/18/2020 OR21-2-000 Coffeyville Resources Refining & Marketing, LLC TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LP Public
11/17/2020 EL21-18-000 Kansas Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. Evergy Kansas Central, Inc. Public
10/26/2020 EL21-13-000 Californians for Green Nuclear Power, Inc.  The North American Electric Reliability Corporation, et al..  Public
10/20/2020 EL21-12-000 Voltus, Inc. Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. Public
10/16/2020 EL21-9-000 North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation  Duke Energy Progress, LLC Public
10/14/2020 EL21-7-000 Cricket Valley Energy Center, LLC, et al. New York Independent System Operator Inc. Public
10/13/2020 EL21-6-000 NECEC Transmission LLC and Avangrid, Inc. NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, et al. Public
10/05/2020 EL21-2-000 Public Citizen, Inc. and Citizens Action Coalition CenterPoint Energy, Inc. and Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company Public
09/28/2020 OR20-13-000 Enerplus Resources (USA) Corporation Targa Badlands, LLC Targa Assets LLC and Targa Fort Berthold LLC Public
09/21/2020 EL20-72-000 Louisiana Public Service Commission, et al. System Energy Resources, Inc. and Entergy Services, LLC Public
09/21/2020 EL20-71-000 Duke Energy Indiana, LLC AEP Indiana Michigan Transmission Company, Inc Public
08/31/2020 EL20-69-000 CAlifornians for Renewable Energy California Independent System Operator,
California Public Utilities Commission,
Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San
Diego Gas and Electric Company, and
Southern California Edison Company
08/25/2020 EL20-67-000 New England Generators Constellation Mystic Power, LLC Public
07/30/2020 EL20-59-000 Duquesne Light Company PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. Public
07/01/2020 EL20-57-000 Cloverland Electric Cooperative Wisconsin Electric Power Company Public
04/08/2020 EL20-41-000 XO Energy LLC, XO Energy MA, LP and XO Energy MA2, LP PJM Interconnection, L.L.C Public
04/03/2020 RP20-767-000 ConocoPhillips Company, Shell Energy North America (US), L.P. and XTO Energy Inc. Northern Border Pipeline Company Public
12/03/2019 OR20-5-000 NGL Supply Wholesale, LLC Phillips 66 Pipeline Company LLC and Phillips 66 Company Public
10/01/2019 EL20-4-0000 North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency Duke Energy Progress, LLC Public
09/27/2019 EL19-102-000 Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative, Inc. Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. Public
09/25/2019 OR19-36-000 Pilot Travel Centers, LLC Colonial Pipeline Company Public
09/10/2019 EL19-96-000 Cimarron Windpower II, LLC Southwest Power Pool, Inc. Public
08/22/2019 EL19-93-000 Western Farmers Electric Cooperative Southwest Power Pool, Inc. Public
06/10/2019 OR19-27-000 Gunvor USA LLC Colonial Pipeline Company Public
05/24/2019 EL19-77-000 Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company Southwest Power Pool, Inc. Public
05/09/2019 EL19-75-000 EDF Renewables, Inc., et. al. Southwest Power Pool, Inc. Public
04/15/2019 EL19-63-000 Office of the People's Counsel for the District of Columbia, et al. PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. Public
04/04/2019 OR19-20-000 Metroplex Energy, Inc. Colonial Pipeline Company Public
02/21/2019 EL19-47-000 Independent Market Monitor for PJM PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. Public
12/28/2018 EL19- 27-000 Monitoring Analytics, LLC PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. Public
04/17/2007 EL07-56 The DC People’s Counsel PJM Interconnection Public

The complaints listed in this table were filed on or after the issuance date of the rule issued in Docket No. RM98-13-000 (the Complaint Rule). A Non-public filing contains material for which confidential treatment is sought. 

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