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Available Settlement Judges
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Settlement Judge Options Listed in Order of Availability as of November 4, 20191

The above list may be used by parties in submitting their settlement judge preferences. The judges are listed in the order in which subsequent designations generally will be made, but if parties desire to submit preferences, please call the Chief Judge's Office at 202-502-8500 with the names of TWO judges from the list who have been agreed to by all parties. The Chief Judge will take into consideration the submitted preferences in conjunction with the listed order of availability. 2

All Judges have been trained in ADR procedures, including mediation and settlement.

For an on-call settlement judge please call the Chief Judge's office at 202-502-8500.


    1 This list will expire on December 4, 2019. A new list will be posted when cases are set for settlement judge procedures. Parties are urged to check this list daily.
    2 For example, it is more likely that the Chief Judge will be able to honor submitted preferences for judges listed at the top of the list rather than the bottom.