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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Dead River Project (No. 10855-MI), Silver Lake Incident

Incident: Post-Fuseplug Incident Action Plan

Staff will initiate an immediate evaluation and analysis to first establish the reason for the fuse plug failure and second, determine the appropriate repair to re-establish the project. An independent consultants review team will be convened to evaluate and oversee both the forensic evaluation and the re-design of the project repair.

  • Staff engineers were immediately dispatched to site to obtain initial information concerning fuseplug failure and assist in any necessary emergency response.

  • Review design report, construction plans and specifications, and construction records for fuse plug.

  • Hydrologic data of rainfall event and the record of reservoir elevations throughout the event will be evaluated and analyses performed to determine why the fuse plug activated. In addition, runoff characteristics and affect on reservoir elevation will be assessed to extrapolate to larger rainfall events.

  • A forensic evaluation of the failure of the fuseplug will be performed, including an evaluation by geotechnical consultants to determine the fuse plug performance.

  • A foundation exploratory program will be developed to obtain data and information for remedial action.

  • A re-assessment of the Silver Lake Dam and spillway Inflow Design Flood (IDF) will be made under the current rainfall event.

  • The forensic evaluation will include a critical review o the effectiveness of the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

  • The results of the evaluation and analysis will be used to undertake a program wide review to apply knowledge gained to other Commission dams.