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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Security Program for Hydropower Projects Revision 3

Security Committee - Meeting

The initial meeting of the FERC Security Committee was held during the 23rd USSD Annual Meeting and Conference in Charleston, South Carolina on April 4, 2003.  The following items were discussed:

  1. The consensus of Licensees who have completed Vulnerability and Security Assessments at their facilities was that a "common sense approach" was most often used to complete their studies.

  2. Many Licensees expressed a desire for more detailed Threat Guidance from the Federal sector.
    2006 UPDATE: This issue is being addressed by DHS.

  3. A new Hydropower Vulnerability/Security Assessment (VA/SA) Procedure being developed at the FERC was discussed.  In general, the Committee members found this procedure to be informative and helpful.  Committee members will provide additional comments regarding this procedure to the FERC by April 25, 2003.  Upon inclusion of all comments and suggestions form the Committee, this VA/SA procedure will become available to all Hydropower Licensees.
    2006 UPDATE: The procedure is complete (DAMSVR) as of December 17, 2003.

  4. It was expressed that it is definitely beneficial to have a Security Representative from the utility company present during the annual FERC Operation Inspection, especially for Security Group 1 dams.  Future FERC Operation Inspections for Security Group 1 dams will specifically request Security participation during that part of the inspection.

  5. It was expressed that each Licensee should complete a review of their VA/SA data on a least a five year cycle.

  6. It was determined that clearer guidance from the FERC is needed as to what is meant by "integration of the EAP and Security".  Similarly, further guidance on how EAPs can be used to include security incidents would be helpful.