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Engineering Guidelines for the Evaluation of Hydropower Projects

Chapter 13 Evaluation of Seismic Hazards (Revised Draft Version)

The Division of Dam Safety and Inspections, Office of Energy Projects, is requesting review of the draft Engineering Guideline Evaluation of Earthquake Ground Motions

A draft of Chapter 13, Evaluation of Earthquake Ground Motions is currently available and is to be included in the FERC Engineering Guidelines. This draft chapter we recently updated to include an example problem of probabilistic seismic hazard analysis evaluation. We are requesting that Licensees and engineering consultants review the draft guideline and submit any comments to us prior to the guideline being finalized. Although some sections of Chapter 13 are still under development, as cited below, over the next few months these sections will be completed.

  • Section 7 Review Process
  • Subsections, Appendices, and Figures will be added

In addition, the Interagency Committee on Dam Safety, which is chaired by FEMA, formed an Earthquake Guidelines Task Group to develop a national guideline for determining ground motions to be used in evaluating the seismic safety of dams. The Task Group which is comprised of Federal Dam owners and regulators, private dam owners, State regulators and engineering consultants are using this chapter as a foundation for the national guideline.

We encourage the review of the draft and request that any comments and suggestions be sent to Kenneth Fearon at

» Chapter 13 Evaluation of Seismic Hazards (Revised Draft Version) PDF