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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Industries Hydropower Dam Safety and Inspections RIDM - Regulations, Guidelines and Manuals

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DSPMP/PFMA - Improving FERC's Dam Safety Program


New Approaches for Dam Safety
New innovative approaches are resulting in effective and efficient additional tools that dam owners, engineers and regulators can use to properly monitor, evaluate, and maintain safe operating dams.

Where potentially unsafe conditions could develop, if not properly monitored or remediated, these approaches will: (1) identify possibly overlooked potential failure modes that need to be examined: and (2) determine whether any additional features would be required if the dam was designed today.

Therefore, this is the appropriate time to transition into the next era of the FERC Dam Safety Program that includes a detailed, comprehensive Dam Safety Performance Monitoring Program to ensure that potential failure modes are properly identified and addressed.

This will alleviate the false sense of security that is in place at sites where developing unsafe conditions have not yet been detected under traditional safety reviews.


Improving FERC's Dam Safety Program