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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Industries Hydropower Dam Safety and Inspections RIDM - Regulations, Guidelines and Manuals

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DSPMP/PFMA - Improving FERC's Dam Safety Program


Dam Safety Modifications
Since 1981 we have directed the completion of over 600 dam safety modifications at a cost of about $1 billion. Currently there are over 100 dams that do or may require some type of dam safety remediation. For those requiring remediation, construction costs will range from about $100,000 to as much as $200 million (Saluda Dam in South Carolina). Over the next few years it is anticipated that the majority of dam safety fixes will either be completed or under construction. (The remaining ones are those that require additional analyses to determine the need for remediation.)

The next era of the dam safety program will concentrate more on performance monitoring coupled with potential failure modes identification to make certain that the dams are performing properly and to identify any developing problems so that they can be addressed before they become serious dam safety problems.


Improving FERC's Dam Safety Program