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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Noxious Plants Workshop

The Office of Energy Projects initiated a public workshop to exchange information and discuss monitoring and management options for purple loosestrife and Eurasian water milfoil at FERC hydropower projects. The workshop was held on May 13, 2003, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The workshop was targeted to licensees and stakeholders in the Great Lakes area where purple loosestrife and Eurasian water milfoil have become problems. We invited noxious plants experts, licensees, state and federal agencies, and stakeholders to participate. The workshop was also open to the public and interested persons.The goals of the workshop were:

  • To gain an understanding of noxious plants and how they affect management of reservoir resources at the hydropower projects;
  • To discuss project requirements and different monitoring methods and schedules; and
  • To exchange information and improve cooperation between the licensees, Federal and state agencies, and the technical experts on effective noxious plant control and eradication methods.

Workshop Information:

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