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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Small/Low-Impact Hydropower Projects

License Application Template
Applications for minor projects (1.5 MW or less) using the Traditional Licensing Process are subject to the regulations outlined below. Use the appropriate application template to assist in developing your license application. Although not required to do so, applicants may also provide copies of the draft application to Commission staff for their review and comment. Any comments provided by Commission staff are informal at this stage of the process as discussed below.

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Application Requirements Applicable Regulations
(18 CFR)
Application Template
General information 4.32(a) Original License DOC
General instructions and initial statement 4.61 (a)-(b)
Exhibit A (description of the project and proposed mode of operation) 4.61(c)
Exhibit E (environmental report) 4.61(d)
Exhibit F (general design drawings) 4.61(e)
Exhibit G (project maps) 4.61(f)
Documentation of pre-filing consultation 4.38(f) (original licenses)
16.8(f) (relicenses)

For information on developing design drawings (Exhibit F) and project maps (Exhibit G), see Preparing Exhibit Drawings for a License or Exemption Application.

For projects greater than 1.5 MW, see the Licensing Processes for general guidance.

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