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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Integrated Licensing Process (ILP)

Overview of ILP Pre-filing Steps

Applicant Files Pre-application Document (PAD) with Notice of Intent to File License Application

  • PAD brings together all existing, relevant, and reasonably available information about the project and its effects on resources; and
  • PAD also includes a well-defined process plan that sets the schedule for developing the license application and a list of preliminary studies and issues.

FERC Conducts Scoping

  • The purposes of scoping is to identify and refine issues, discuss existing information, explore information gaps, and finalize the process plan; and
  • Stakeholders discuss the issues and provide study requests.

Applicant Files Proposed Study Plan

  • Applicant holds a meeting(s) to discuss the proposed study plan and informally resolve study disagreements;
  • Applicant files revised study plan;
  • Director of the Office of Energy Projects approves the revised study plan with any modifications after considering all information in the record;
  • Agencies with mandatory conditioning authority may request the use of a formal dispute resolution process;
  • Applicant conducts the studies as approved;
  • Applicant files preliminary licensing proposal with the Commission, agencies, and public for comment;
  • Applicant files final license application with the Commission and provides copies to agencies, tribes, and the public; and
  • After the application is filed, the Commission has defined time frames to prepare and issue its environmental analysis pursuant to National Environmental Policy Act.