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Integrated Licensing Process (ILP)

Processing the License Application

Environmental Document Preparation [see 18 CFR 5.24 External Link and 5.25 External Link]
  1. a. Commission issues non-draft EA (30-45 days to step 24a) (18 CFR §5.24)
    b. Commission issues Draft EA or EIS (30-60 days to step 24b) (18 CFR §5.25)
    c. Trial-type hearing decision [FERC may refer conditions to FERC's Dispute Resolution Service]
  2. a. Comments on EA (60 days to step 25a) (18 CFR §5.24)
    b. Comments on Draft EA or EIS (60 days to step 24b) (18 CFR §5.25)
  3. a. Modified terms and conditions (18 CFR §5.24)
    b. Modified terms and conditions based on any hearing decision, comments, and proposed alternatives
    (90 days to step 25) (18 CFR §5.25)
  4. Commission issues Final EA or EIS (18 CFR §5.25)
  5. Commission issues license order(18 CFR §5.25)

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