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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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The Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) - Tutorial

Preparing an Application

Proposed Study Plan and Resolving Study Disagreements [see 18 CFR 5.11 External Link and 5.12 External Link]

Once the comment period on the Pre-Application Document closes, the applicant has 45 days to prepare and file a proposed study plan. The study plan must address each of the study criteria and explain how the proposed studies address the issues raised during scoping and fill the information gaps identified by the stakeholders.

Over the next 90 days, the applicant, stakeholders, and Commission staff work to resolve disagreements over study needs. The regulations require that at least one meeting occur within 30 days of filing the proposed study plan. The applicant leads the meeting. Stakeholders should come prepared to discuss and clarify their information needs.

By the close of the 90-day comment period, stakeholders may file comments on the applicant's proposed study plan and submit revised study requests. Comments should reflect any remaining concerns with the study plan and any agreements reached with the applicant to address their concerns.