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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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The Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) - Tutorial

Preparing an Application

Commission Conducts Scoping and Site Visit [see 18 CFR 5.8 External Link,5.9 External Link, and 5.10 External Link]

Skywalk ViewScoping meetings are intended to be interactive. The applicant typically provides an overview of its proposed project, which is followed by a discussion of the issues as outlined in the Commission's SD1 and any possible information gaps. Commission staff, with the assistance of the applicant, typically conducts an environmental site review (site visit) in conjunction with agency and public scoping meetings. However, depending on project location and season, the site visit can be scheduled separately.

Within 45 days of the close of the comment period, Commission staff will revise and issue the scoping document (SD2), as needed, based on the comments provided at the scoping meetings and any written comments filed in response to the scoping notice.