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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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The Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) - Tutorial

Preparing an Application

Pre-Application Document (PAD)
- Contents [see 18 CFR 5.6 ]

It is important that the PAD contain:

  • A clear description of the project;
  • A concise description of the existing environment and resource impacts to the extent they are known;
  • A list of issues and information or studies proposed to fill identified information gaps;
  • A list of relevant comprehensive plans;
  • A process plan that sets the schedule for developing the license application; and
  • A summary of contacts made to seek out information to develop the PAD.

Additional InformationAdditional Information
Information in the PAD should be a concise summary of the relevant data, focusing on information relevant to the issues uncovered during the development of the PAD. The process plan and schedule should coordinate the Commission's information needs with any other agency processes (e.g., Coastal Zone Management Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act consultation). Such coordination is best accomplished through early dialog with the agencies while preparing the PAD. Applicants are encouraged to include a protocol in the PAD that describes how it will distribute information. Applicants may use electronic means or compact disks to distribute information, but must provide the information in hard copy upon request.

For a PAD template, see: PAD Template DOC