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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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The Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) - Tutorial

Preparing an Application

Protection, Mitigation and Enhancement Measures, Settlements and Draft License Application

The PLP should also include a description of proposed measures and plans to protect, mitigate, or enhance environmental resources (e.g. a Draft Biological Assessment, Essential Fish Habitat Assessment, Historic Properties Management Plan, Recreation Management Plan, etc). Filing drafts of the plans and measures with the PLP will facilitate the filing of final plans and measures with the license application, which is strongly encouraged by the Commission, see: Guidance on Environmental Measures in License Applications PDF.

It is during this period that applicants and stakeholders often enter into settlement discussions to resolve issues related to licensing the project. The Commission looks with great favor on settlements in licensing cases. For information on the Commission's policy on settlements, see: Policy Statement on Hydropower Licensing Settlements PDF.

Applicants may elect to file a draft license application, which would include all remaining elements of the application (for example, Exhibits A, F, G, and H). Filing a draft license application may help expedite Commission processing of the final license application by identifying application deficiencies early.

Comments on the PLP or DLA are due within 90 days of its filing. Any requests for additional studies based on the PLP must include a demonstration of extraordinary circumstances pursuant to 18 CFR 5.15(f). External