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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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The Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) - Tutorial

Overview of the ILP

Below is a summary of the process. For step-by-step procedures:
» Pre-Application Activity Flow Chart
» Post-Filing Activity Flow Chart

Applicant Files Notice of Intent (NOI) to File License Application with Pre-application Document (PAD)

  • The NOI is a statement of the applicant's intention to file an original license application, or, in the case of an existing licensee, to file or not to file an application for a new or subsequent license.
  • The PAD includes existing, relevant, and reasonably available information about the project and its effects on resources.
  • The PAD also includes a well-defined process plan that includes an approved schedule for developing the license application.
  • The PAD includes a list of preliminary studies and issues.

FERC Conducts Public Scoping

  • FERC staff prepares a scoping document that includes a preliminary list of issues, and solicits comments on the scope of analysis of issues.
  • FERC staff holds scoping meetings, conducts a site visit, and issues a revised scoping document based on public and agency input. Note: the site visit may be held separately if weather conditions are a concern.

Applicant Prepares Study Plan

  • Stakeholders (tribes, resource agencies, non-governmental organizations, interested public, and FERC) submit study requests.
  • Applicant files proposed study plan.
  • Applicant holds a meeting(s) to discuss the proposed study plan and informally resolve study disagreements.
  • Applicant files revised study plan.
  • FERC issues Study Plan Determination either approving the revised study plan or approving with modifications after considering all information in the record.
  • Agencies with mandatory conditioning authority may request formal dispute resolution if they disagree with the Study Plan Determination (SPD).
  • Agencies and applicants can agree to conduct studies in addition to those in the SPD.

Applicant Conducts Studies and Prepares License Application

  • Applicant conducts studies.
  • Applicant files study reports with the Commission and stakeholders for comment, and holds meeting(s) to discuss study results and any needed modifications to the study plan.
  • Applicant files preliminary licensing proposal or draft license application with the Commission, agencies, and public for comment.
  • Applicant files final license application with the Commission and provides copies to stakeholders.

Commission Processes License Application

  • Commission staff reviews the application for compliance with the regulations and any outstanding studies.
  • Commission staff notices application ready for environmental analysis, and solicits interventions, comments, and terms and conditions.
  • Commission staff issues its environmental analysis (EA or EIS) pursuant to National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
  • The Commission issues its decision on the application.