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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Integrated Licensing Process (ILP)

The Integrated Licensing Process is intended to streamline the Commission's licensing process by providing a predictable, efficient, and timely licensing process that continues to ensure adequate resource protections. The efficiencies expected to be achieved through the ILP are founded in three fundamental principles:

  • Early issue identification and resolution of studies needed to fill information gaps, avoiding studies post-filing;
  • Integration of other stakeholder permitting process needs; and
  • Established time frames to complete process steps for all stakeholders, including the Commission.

Under the ILP, a federal or state agency, or Tribe with mandatory conditioning authority may request that a study dispute be referred to a dispute resolution panel. The three-member panel would consist of FERC staff, the agency or tribal representative referring the dispute, and a third person from the Panel Members' List below, selected by the other two panelists.